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The Most Expensive, Rarest Flowers in the World

The following five flowers are noteworthy for differing reasons, but each of them is in a class by itself as one of the most unusual, valuable, or distinct flowers from across the globe.

World’s Most Expensive Wedding Bouquet

When something is associated with a wedding, there’s usually a good chance someone has taken it to exceptionally impractical proportions and spent ridiculous sums of money in the process. This wedding bouquet that is now showcased at the Ruby Plaza in Vietnam is comprised of 90 gemstones, 9 diamonds, and 1 star shaped ruby and has been valued at $125,000. source


The $200,000 Orchid

In 2005 a group of Chinese scientists working on agricultural research grew an orchid that was purchased at auction by an anonymous buyer for an incredible 1.68 million yuan or right around $200,000 USD. This orchid was the result of eight years of efforts and represented a new and unique species, which accounted for its staggering price point.


The Legendary Flower

The Kadupul Flower begins blooming just before midnight and dies within a matter of hours. Because of its extremely short lifespan, even in its native Sri Lanka, the flower is rarely seen. The Kadupal Flower has been mythologized throughout history, and is referred to as the legendary flower of the Celestial Nagas. However, because of its ludicrously short lifespan the flower’s monetary value is pretty much nil.


17th Century Tulip Bulb

Considered the most expensive flower in history, the Semper Augustus was coveted for both its beauty and its scarcity. In 1637, the asking price was as high as 10,000 guilders, which, in addition to sounding old time-y and impressive, was enough money to have purchased “a grand home on the most fashionable canal in Amsterdam.”


Cheap Flower With Expensive Taste

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice by weight, and each pound of Saffron is the product of approximately 50,000 flowers. So although the flower itself is far from rare, it does yield a spice that can be sold for right around $1,000 a pound. If you do the math, the value of each flower that is used for saffron would be right around 2 cents, making this the most affordable bouquet on the list by about $125,000.source